The man behind the lens

Stephan Bednaic is a self taught photographer that seeks light in action sport and lifestyle photography. Born in Australia and currently living in Croatia where he tries to capture the action sport scene at its finest. Constantly improving his skill, forcing creativity and experimenting with light, Stephan’s images capture the raw essence of extreme sports and its lifestyle from busy urban spots to high adventurous mountains. The medium doesn’t matter, both with digital or film, his goal is to make images that have adrenaline written all over them with a colourful visual twist. Criteria is simple: “If I want to make a 90×60 print and hang it on my living room wall, it’s a good picture.” – and that’s a high standard. His endless optimism and will to get the best shoot will often involve quick problem solving methods and crazy ideas that makes his shooting style unique and special.

Reference: Red Bull, Canon, Sony, Norco Bikes, Oakley, Dogma Socks, Pannonian Challenge…


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