PROJECT | Check In

“Our lives have become digital, our friends now virtual.” – the main reason this project was created.  To focus on locations where adrenaline junkies “Check in”, real places where people ride, train, dig and chill out through the year. Each spot is unique and has it’s own vibe to it, that’s what makes them so special. To build, to create… One of mankind’s greatest process. Some places were build by expert builders and designers, others were hand build expanding step by step. Build with lots of planning put into it, or just going by instinct and flow… All to get lost in the moment. When creation overcomes destruction, only then magical things happen. Each panorama is shot on film, masked out, scanned and put together to tell a bigger story. Why put so much effort in it? To honour creation and the art of building.

It all started in 2006 when we build one step-up for learning tricks on the current location where the dirt is located. At first we didn’t put much effort into it because we were expecting that someone would destroy our jump. It was a just a temporary place we could ride relatively close to us. Somewhere in 2010 we figured out that nobody really cares about our jump and that no one will destroy it, that’s when things got serious… We expanded our one jump setup into a dirt playground. Little by little our dirt grown into a real dirt park with 3 lines on which we could train for competitions. Currently we have 14 jumps, a nice pump track and a small track for kids. The whole park was build by hand, expanding slowly year by year. Recently Monster Energy came into the picture and now we host a event supported by them every year.

- Eat Dirt Crew

Our dirt jump park named “Dirtpark Divljina” (Dirtpark Wilderness) is located in Tržič, Slovenia. We started building it in the year 2000 and still improving it today. Most of it was hand build and a lot of effort went into it. We never counted the hours that we spent on building and maintenance, but I can ensure you that it’s a long number. We have the motivation to improve our park and make it better, go bigger with jump hight. A long time has past since we started and our park evolved slowly jump after jump into what it is today. The idea to make a BMX track came from our friends, they had some jumps to ride so we decided to make a park. We didn’t have any issues building it, if we don’t count huge splinters on our hands and a large number of broken shovels. After all that’s how we named our team –  Red Shovel Team. Because the red coloured shovels lasted the longest. Dirtpark Divljina became the biggest and best trails in Slovenia, coming around 3000 squared meters. Parallel to that it’s also the most visited.Riders come from all around Europe, but most of them from Austria and Croatia. The park is equally suited for BMX and MTB bikes, which evolved our MTB scene. Through the years we had lots of support by riders and visitors, in the summer of 2011 we received a diploma from our city for voluntary work and innovation in sporting infrastructure. Founders and builders of the park Primož Likar, Nejc Jeglič, Rok Borič…, were running the park all these years with their own resources and with no sponsors. Only support was what the riders gave on their own will. Year by year the scene is getting bigger and more and more riders come to our park. The word got around about our trails. That made a huge leap forward and because of it we decided to host a competition. Divljina Dirt Jam 2010 was the first event and it was a huge success. In 2012 Red Bull gave us their support and the Red Bull Wildride event was born. Every year we try to make the event even better. We can officially say that our dirt park is the first of its kind in Slovenia. At the same time it’s the best one and we would like it to stay that way. With the same motivation as at the start, we focus to work on our vision in the future.

- Primož Likar

Red Bull makes one big project a year for all of its athletes. Red Bull Backyard Digger was my project for 2014. My task was to scout a location where we could build a dirt park, Mislav Mironović – also a Red Bull athlete, with his experience helped out building the jumps and Red Bull provided the rest. I was born in a small town called Varaždinske Toplice, that’s the main reason I choose that town for the location of the dirt. My cycling club “Assi Varaždin” got land permits from the elementary school “Antuna i Ivana Kukuljevića”. The date was set and I invited all of my friends, BMX and MTB riders, to help me bring my project into reality . I didn’t need to beg them because all of us extreme sport lovers know that we have just a few locations where we could ride, so all of them were willing to put their time and effort to contribute to the scene. People came, construction machines started rolling in and everything was ready for the event. In just a few days the park was build from the ground up. Unfortunately day before the opening event it started raining, but that didn’t stop us. With the help of pumps, construction fans and our effort, the track was ready and the event went on. All united we introduced extreme sports to the locals and at the same time got a chance to hang out during the building process. Also, there’s no better feeling than to see kids coming with their bikes and asking questions about tricks and the sport. The main mission was successful, the dirt park was built, extreme sport was presented as something wonderful. What do I see in the future… Me riding every second of my free time and when the time comes, organise events and competitions to further promote my sport. - Marin Ranteš